Here, you can find information on each of our team members in this project.

Angela Zhi
Hi, I’m Angela and I’m a freshman at Drexel University studying chemical engineering. I chose to major in chemical engineering because I had a very good chemistry teacher in high school. He made me become interested in chemistry. I also enjoy other STEM courses, such as math and biology. During my free time, I like to play video games and watch videos, but I would always prioritize school as the first thing on my to-do list. If anyone wants to contact me about this project, my e-mail is

Quang Ho
Hi, I’m Quang, also freshman at Drexel, studying environmental engineering. I have been doing coding, physics simulations, and electronics for over many years already and is beginning to be bored. My goal now is to begin solving some of the world’s challenges like global warming, so I’m studying the environment. I also keep tabs on artificial general intelligence and regularly talk about it on my blog. My email is

Chris Ung
Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a freshman at Drexel majoring in chemical engineering. My high school had a lot of activities that got me interested in science, such as Science Olympiad or ChemClub. Chemical engineering stood out to me as a blend of chemistry, physics, and math, all classes of which I liked in high school. I also enjoy programming and technology in general. My email is at

Jacob Lee
Hi, I’m Jacob Lee. I am a freshman at Drexel currently majoring in computer engineering. During high school, I spent a lot of time around computers, whether it be fixing, building or using them. I also enjoy math and might be considering minoring in a subject. Currently I spend most of my time watching/playing sports, playing music, or playing video games.